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G2D 2? G2D v6?

G2D 2? G2D v6?
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:09:17 AM »
Hey Devo,

 I have been checking out old web pages and found out that guys from eclipse created Eclipse Renewal that is DX8 based.

 Would it be hard to pack it out with G2D features like XGE, 8way movement, pets, spell editor, advanced sprite sheets etc?

 It fixed as lot of issues that G2D had like force to restart after creating a character. It seems clean and a bit more modern, just lacking features that you have developed with G2D.

 I would love to see this with G2D stuff. Ability to have full screen filled with game and then you can move GUI all around it.

Really like that now you need to press enter to type. It much more responsive.

 Not sure if you have seen it but if not please give it a shoot. I am not sure if G2D is based on vanilla xtremeworlds of something else.



Re: G2D 2? G2D v6?
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