Welcome to Genesis2D - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This website is currently under construction as of Sep 2015 - please allow for updates and changes in the coming weeks.

What is Genesis2D?

Have you ever wanted to create your own Online game, but had absolutely no idea where to start? Well.. this might be the exact thing you are looking for!.

Genesis2D is a great way to explore the other side of Online gaming, and that's actually creating your own worlds, content and immersive story lines you all know you are capable of. Without any programming, you can have a fully functional 2D Game running, either hosting your own server or using one of the many Hosting options available to you on the web.

G2D comes with everything you need to get started and comes with a wide range of graphics and sound effects to help you on your way. 

"So how does it work?"

Genesis2D comes with four main utilities. The Server, The Client, the Xternal Game Editor and the GUI Editor (and misc utilities) 


"What sort of a game can I make?"

We have tried to make G2D as flexible as possible, so if you wish to make a Sci Fi based RPG game, there are mechanics in place for that. If you want to make a classic 2D adventure RPG, then there is a system for that.. 

Do you want to make a Farming based game? 

Ships that fire lasers ? turrets that rotate and track players? 

NPC's that flock in the hundreds to attack players scaring thr wits out of them? 

Yep, you guessed it.. there is a system for those too..